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Taking advantage of artificial intelligence helps generate unique algorithms that help in the generation of successful transactions in the forex and cryptocurrency markets.

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Strategies developed by artificial intelligence in conjunction with professional human management help to choose the right path to achieve financial success.

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Using modern software and technologies to generate stable, timely income and regular payouts from Monday to Friday for your investments.

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About Us

FXroboton is a UK-registered company specializing in investments in trading robots both in the cryptocurrency market and in the Forex market, bringing the largest profit to our customers.

Artificial intelligence can be the most important means of developing financial strategies that were previously considered difficult to predict because traders are not able to compete with machines that can process huge amounts of data and continuously improve forecasts.

On most exchanges, trading is carried out with the help of robots, which, when trading, make decisions based on algorithms and adjust strategies based on new data. Algorithmic trading has long become popular, which led to the emergence of high-frequency trading. Also, many hedge funds involve mathematicians who develop statistical models and use past data to create trading algorithms.

But artificial neural networks have become an independent player in the world of trading, showing better results than the original exchange bots and algorithms, not to mention superiority over people.

Market professionals note that trading has become very complicated and attribute this to the fact that the exchange robots familiar to them simply analyze the entered data, and artificial intelligence, unlike them, imitates the thinking of a financial analyst who collects and processes data for the report.

Due to the growing impact of AI on modern trading, the spread of machine learning and increased computing power, specialists are also forced to observe a drop in profitability, and sometimes even loss-making.

Compared with traditional trading technologies, artificial intelligence does not just collect data from financial news, social networks, stock indicators, but regularly carries out repeated testing. In this way, he learns to understand global trends in the market and improve predictions based on optimized knowledge. In addition, AI does not show human emotions when trading, such as greed and fear, and does not rely on irrational conjectures.

In recent years, the number of projects using AI in their work has grown significantly. Here are some of the activities that artificial intelligence performs for the benefit of trading companies and their customers:

1. Construction of exchange algorithms based on technical analysis.
2. The search for new ways of processing large amounts of data for use in traditional analysis.
3. Combining machine learning with financial expertise to create robotic advisers who advise on making investment decisions.
4. Development of investment strategies for hedge funds.
5. Full management of investment funds and trade without human intervention.
6. Analysis of big data from social networks and thematic sites, including user ratings and moods, for further forecasting.
7. Compiling a rating of analysts and processing their forecasts to select the best trading strategies.
8. Development of economic models during periods of high volatility and during market shocks.
9. Identification of cases of collusion and market manipulation.

Profitability in the implementation of artificial intelligence significantly exceeds the average level of profitability of the market. AI algorithms are also more effective than a passive buy-and-hold strategy.

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How it works

First step.
Feel free, register, choose the most suitable plan (USD, BTC, ETH) and investment strategy for you
Second step.
Watch and wait for daily accruals in your personal account from Monday to Friday to your balance
Third step.
Request a withdrawal of your daily accruals and receive timely and direct payments to your wallet

Investment Plans

Mininimum Investment: 50 usd
Mininimum Investment: 0.005 BTC
Mininimum Investment: 0.2 ETH
Affiliate program
upto 10%
referral commission

Unique affiliate program with 15-levels system that will help you create leadership in the global network

Company News

17 August
Dear Clients!
Based on the results, the management
of the company makes a decision to increase
the minimum deposit to 50 USD, 0.01 BTC, 1 ETH
for Plan: Roboton 1
25 July
Dear Clients!
With a great pleasure we report you that
our online investment service is working for 15 days.
Thanks to our online investment service we have been
reached serious results in our trading activity
20 July
Dear Clients!
For the past week we had a technical issue
with our website. At the moment it is completely
fixed and we back online.
Excuse us for any inconveniences.