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FXRoboton provides partners with a career ladder of 12 leadership statuses. The percentage of partner profitability depends on turnover and status. To achieve any of the statuses, it is necessary to fulfill two conditions: "Structural turnover" and "Personal turnover". Personal turnover is the total amount of your active deposits, it also increases the structural turnover indicator. Structural turnover is an indicator of the active deposits of your partners, the value of the structural turnover grows in proportion to the line in which your partner is located, which you can find below. The higher your leader status, the more referral lines are available to you, and the percentage of referral bonuses will increase with each new status received.


Personal Turnover: 50 USD
Structural Turnover: 0 USD
Bonus: 0 USD
Lines Open: 4


Personal Turnover: 100 USD
Structural Turnover: 5000 USD
Bonus: 50 USD
Lines Open: 5


Personal Turnover: 500 USD
Structural Turnover: 25000 USD
Bonus: 250 USD
Lines Open: 6


Personal Turnover: 1000 USD
Structural Turnover: 50000 USD
Bonus: 500 USD
Lines Open: 7


Personal Turnover: 2500 USD
Structural Turnover: 100000 USD
Bonus: 1000 USD
Lines Open: 8


Personal Turnover: 5000 USD
Structural Turnover: 200000 USD
Bonus: 2000 USD
Lines Open: 9


Personal Turnover: 8000 USD
Structural Turnover: 400000 USD
Bonus: 4000 USD
Lines Open: 10


Personal Turnover: 10000 USD
Structural Turnover: 600000 USD
Lines Open: 11


Personal Turnover: 15000 USD
Structural Turnover: 1000000 USD
Bonus: 10000 USD
Lines Open: 12


Personal Turnover: 20000 USD
Structural Turnover: 1500000 USD
Bonus: 15000 USD
Lines Open: 13


Personal Turnover: 35000 USD
Structural Turnover: 3000000 USD
Bonus: 30000 USD
Lines Open: 14


Personal Turnover: 60000 USD
Structural Turnover: 5000000 USD
Bonus: 50000 USD
Lines Open: 15